How do I get a refund?

We issue a refund if it meets with any of these requirements below:

  1. Your purchased theme is malfunctioning.
  2. Your purchased theme doesn't look any closer to the preview.
  3. There's a malfunctioning option on your purchased theme.
  4. Your purchased theme is not compatible with Tumblr.
  5. Unable to customize your purchased theme.

To request a refund, click 'HELP!' button on the side, and please fill out the form with the reason why you want a refund for your purchased theme & license. If our support team doesn't respond to your request, request a refund manually:

New update to our refund policy (August, 22, 2016)

We try our best to improve our themes, and develop Tumblr as a good place to blog/share your creative work. To respond to this, refund is eligible for any purchased theme within two weeks. 


Purchased with Paypal

Request a refund by disputing your payment. Use this method if our team doesn't respond in time.


Purchased by Credit Card.

Request a refund by calling or emailing to 2checkout (Payment processing company). Please refer to their refund policy: Use this method if our team doesn't respond in time.


Refund may take up to a week, if you bought by your credit card. We try our best to respond to a refund request as soon as possible.

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