Setting custom URLs (or pages) on your blog.

Some themes like Pouvoire do not support the ‘Show a link to this page’ option for technical reasons. We received similar questions over the years on adding their SNS links, stores, or official websites to their blog header. It’s just so easy! But, there are rules you have to follow to prevent any issue. 

  • Go to customise page. There’s a ‘customise’ button on your blog. Click it!
  • You will be redirected to the page where you will see a variety of menus as well as the live preview frame.
  • Scroll down (Within the edit theme menu), and you will see Custom Link Title 1 ~ 6 and Custom Link URL 1 ~6
  • Put your link title, and URL. Make sure the numbers are equal. These inputs work concurrently. If the title is not filled out, when the URL is filled, the menu won’t come up.
  • Important : Make sure you add http:// before the link. won’t work, http://example.comworks!

Also, if you are looking to add archive or ask buttons, there are options to turn on/off these menus. Those menus appear as icons on some themes, or texts.

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