Changing body font family.

This tutorial doesn’t apply to the past generation themes such as Calm, Noir, Twinkle, Marble, Gretchen, Void, and ImNotWordy.


Each post type has a specific style element on these next generation themes, so you will have to change each of element to change the body font family. Here is the selectors, make sure you assign the font family that you want:

h3.title a,.link-post .link-name a, .quote-post .source, .quote-post .source a, .question, .question a, .source.quoty,.text-body .caption,.body,.chat,.quote,.text-body, .link .description,.caption_inner{font-family:times !important /** Make sure you include ’!important’ to override the past setting**/}
For more information on where to put this code in the custom CSS inbox, refer to this blog post:

We have planned to update this code so that themes have the simple dropdown menu where you will be able to change the body font family easier than ever. When available, we will keep you posted by email. We apologize for not making clear.

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