Global updates to all of our themes.

Tumblr buttons overlapping
Posts/header used to hide the Tumblr buttons. We've fixed this issue.
Ask form
We've implemented a new code for your ask form. Your followers can view it in full, and overlapping has been fixed.

Video overlapping
Videos on some themes used to overlap with other posts. We've fixed this issue as well.
No more 'Promote Tumblr'
There's no 'Promote Tumblr' on your mobile device anymore!
Black and white filter
Black and white filter now works seamlessly! 
Numbering lists
Number your lists on your test, chat, or link post. Our themes support this feature now.
Tumblr Lightbox in the background
When you click the photoset, your posts used to hide it, pushing the Lightbox in the background. This has been resolved as well!

Stretched images on text posts
Adding your images to the text post used to be unpleasant as it would display it stretched. Don't worry. We've resolved this issue!

Hidden 'Scroll up' button
Scroll up button used to be hidden by the posts. We've resolved this issue too!

Better 'Install theme' button.
Install theme button used to cause stylesheet issues on some themes. We've resolved this issue too.
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