Embedding an Instagram feed

This feature applies to the portfolio, and commercial license only.


What is the Instagram feed?

It’s just a feed table that displays your recent posts on Instagram just like the Twitter, or Pinterest one. You can allow your visitor to view your recent posts directly, or make them follow your Instagram without redirecting them to the actual page. (Screenshot below)


Why does my Instagram feed require advanced codes and set-ups?

Instagram feed doesn’t work like Twitter, or Pinterest. You may place the iframe link onto your blog, and embed it easily if that’s Twitter or Pinterest – but it’s Instagram. Their feed requires an access key to function properly.


Where can I find this plugin information?

We use InstaLink by Elfsight. Visit their website here: https://elfsight.com/instagram-widget-instalink/ You can preview your Instagram here: https://elfsight.com/instagram-widget-instalink/jquery/


What do I need?

Two things – Instagram Access Token & your username on Instagram.


How do I get the Instagram Access Token?

The plugin provider offers a detailed instruction on how to retrieve your access token. Refer to this blog post: https://elfsight.com/blog/2016/05/how-to-get-instagram-access-token/

While doing this, make sure your 'Redirect URL' and 'Privacy policy' are set to 

https://elfsight.com/service/generate-instagram-access-token/, not your website.


I got it! Where do I place these codes?

Type in your Instagram username, and your Access token goes to the 'Instagram Access token' input. All done!


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