‘Theme credit’ on Salvia, Persona, and Wicked.


What is the ‘Theme credit’ button?

This button is placed on the free licensed themes – mostly Themecloset themes on Tumblr theme garden(http://tumblr.com/themes). This is the text link that shows we, Themecloset, own the copyright, and creator license of the theme.

Why do I need this link on my theme? 

To guarantee the quality of free licensed themes, we distribute this type of the theme with a credit in it, and we use it to promote our website. This, in other words, helps us create the best Tumblr theme on the market available. 

Is there any license I can purchase to remove this link?

No. Due to Tumblr’s theme designer policy, we are not allowed to create/sell any extended license of the free theme.

Could you guys relocate this link?

We are planning to relocate this link on the footer, or header. However, on the Persona theme, it will remain on the same place as it is now.


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