How do I purchase your theme/license with my credit card?

The credit card payment method is available for registered users only. This is not available for non-registered users for security reasons. PayPal still accepts a credit card payment without signing up.

We do, however, support a credit card plugin powered by 2Checkout. You can simply check the 'Credit card' icon on your cart page to proceed with this method. ( 

So I bought a theme/license with my credit card, but I want a refund. How do I request for that?

You may simply shoot us an email. We issue a refund if you bought a theme within two weeks. Since 2checkout is a card processing company, they don’t directly refund your purchase. 

If you bought a theme/license on PayPal, you can always dispute the purchase, or send us an email.


How long does it take for the refund process to complete?
A refund may take up to two weeks. You will be notified when it's submitted immediately after it's submitted. It will be sent to your credit card company as soon as 2checkout receives a refund request. Depending on how fast your credit card company processes this request, it may vary.


Is my information stored securely?

We don’t store your credit card number, email address, CVS, or expiration dates in our database – but we do store your email address. The card processing system stores your card information, and that's for the verification procedure only.


I purchased a theme on Tumblr with my credit card. How do I get a refund?As we don’t have any control over processing a payment on Tumblr, you may need to contact Tumblr Support for a refund process. You are eligible for a refund if you bought a theme within two weeks. Learn more


Need any help? Shoot us an email.

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